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What is Restructured Alkaline & Acidic Water?


Alkaline Water

  Restructured Alkaline and Acidic water is the result of an electrolysis process. This process is actually electrifying the water between two points: a cathode, a negative conductor and an anode, a positive conductor. The result of this electrical charge is separation and concentration of alkaline minerals and acidic minerals. The alkaline water contains the alkaline minerals which are potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium. The acidic water contains the acidic minerals which are chlorine, fluoride, lead, sulfur and phosphorus. Another process also takes place during this electrolysis. The alkaline water molecule structure (groups of H20 molecules) size is reduced from approximately II clusters to 5 or 6 clusters. This smaller water is referred to scientifically as “Electrolyzed Reduced Water”, and commonly referred to as “Restructured Alkaline Water”.


    This alkaline water is full of negative hydrogen ions as a result of the molecular restructuring. This is what gives the alkaline water the super anti-oxidative property and its ability to be an active scavenger of free radicals within the body. Its restructured size gives it great permeability in the body allowing it to cross cellular barriers, limited by normal water, providing maximum hydration. The smaller molecular size gives increased permeability and effectiveness for nutritional supplements and prescription medication. This explains the notification for “People on Medications” that is found previously in the Startup Recommendations. The alkaline water has an oxygen reduction potential (ORP) rating which refers to how much anti-oxidation it can perform. This relates to the relative pH of the water and as you drink it, determines its effectiveness as an anti-oxidant in your body. The higher the pH provides more oxygen reduction potential and the higher its potency as an anti-oxidant within your body. Over time, the alkaline water has the ability to turn your tissue into an alkaline state and dissolve acid formed matter such as kidney stones and gall stones within the body. The alkaline water has a pure clean taste, is easy to drink and sometimes referred to as a “wetter water” due to its smooth texture and reduced molecule structure size. The smaller molecular structure size allows the water to boil in about half of the time as regular water, making it an excellent water for cooking. The faster heat conduction keeps the flavor in the food and not in the water that is drained away.


Acidic Water

The acidic water, used for external purposes only, is scientifically referred to as “Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water” and commonly referred to as “Restructured Acidic Water”. As mentioned, the electrolysis process separates and concentrates the acidic minerals. The acidic water which contains oxidizing and positively charged chlorine and hydrogen and their derivatives. These are beneficial for their cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, bleaching, germicidal and topical healing properties. For the consumer, applying topically to skin injuries or irritations may speed healing and provide protection from further infection. Using acidic water for most plants will allow them to thrive. Acidic water used for cleaning in the kitchen provides disinfecting for utensils and food preparation surfaces.

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