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How to Start Drinking Alkaline Water




Everyone must start out by drinking Level 1: 

Following the startup period continue drinking half of your body weight in ounces every day in order to receive the maximum health benefits from the alkaline water.

Example: A 160 pound adult should be drinking approximately 80 ounces per day —which equals 10 cups. So if you use one of our 16 oz. bottles — you would want to drink 5 bottles of water daily. One gallon equals 128 ounces.


People on Medication:

 DO NOT take medication with the alkaline water!

 Because of the smaller molecular structure and permeability of the water, medication could have a greater affect on the body. Continue taking your medication as before. Drink the alkaline water up to 1/2 hour before taking the medication and only after I hour after taking the medication. This is particularly important for heart medications.


Moving to level 2:

 After you have reached your goal of drinking half of your body weight in ounces for several weeks, you will want to begin drinking Level 2. Note: When changing levels, if you notice a headache, light-headedness or stomach problems, drink a glass of level 0, regular tap or spring water. This will neutralize the problem. Not everyone’s metabolism is the same; therefore, the higher .alkalinity could affect individuals differently. Typically most women will be comfortable using level 2 and most men will be comfortable with level 3. Level 4 should not be consumed on a regular basis, its use should be for athletic or therapeutic purposes or as directed by a practitioner.


REMEMBER: Drink this Alkaline water daily. It will help to cleanse the acidity and toxins out of your body. Test your pH regularly — that will help you Maintain a correct balance of alkalinity and encourage your progress.

It took several years for your health to be where it is today — so give it time to heal and make a difference.


The more water you drink — the better you will feel!!


 To order THE ALKALIZER or to receive more information. You can call and speak to our "alkalizer customer service representative" at 603-279-3341 or email us at GFCNH@aol.com

 Cost is $1495 plus $35 shipping.




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