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 Don't Drink Another Glass Of Water Until You Read This Report

By: Crusador Interviews David Baltes


May 12, 2007



Japanese Scientists Pioneer Technology That Purifies, Alkalizes, Ionizes & Restructures Water

CRUSADOR Editor Greg Ciola Interviews David Baltes Of H2O Express About This Amazing Technology And How This Special Water Can Help Relieve The Three Main Causes Of Sickness, Disease & Premature Aging.

One of the hottest and most controversial topics today is WATER.  Almost everyone is talking about water and there is a lot of confusion concerning it. Water quality is one of the main concerns, but taste has a lot to do with it as well.  A recent Water Quality Report released by Winter Park, Florida mentioned the possible health risk, “for people that have undergone organ transplants, cancer patients on certain drugs, some elderly people, infants and people with HIV/Aids or other immune system disorders from drinking municipal water.”

This warning comes from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and applies to all municipal water systems.  Well, if this is the state of your public water system, what is a person to do?  Even with good health, you should not challenge your immune system every time you go to the tap for a drink of water. 

In addition to the problems with chemicals in tap water, almost all of the bottled waters and home filtered waters people are drinking are ACIDIC, including RO, distilled, and spring water. Maintaining proper pH balance in the body is one of the most important aspects of health a person should focus on.  Since the body is approximately 80% water, it should be the primary element you take into your body every day.  However, if you do not consume the proper type or proper amount of water, almost everything else you’re doing will have little to no effect on your health.  

Restructured Alkaline water may well be the best element ever discovered to put into your body!  The Japanese have researched this for over forty years and have found that drinking restructured alkaline water can help relieve or reduce the three main causes of most sickness, disease and pre-mature aging: Acidosis, Dehydration, and Free Radical Damage.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Well it can be if you do the right things.   To shed light on this amazing technology, CRUSADOR interviews David Baltes who has been touring the country for over ten years sharing the benefits with those willing to listen.  

Greg:  David thanks for being with me to discuss the health benefits of drinking restructured alkaline water.  Tell me how you got involved with the ALKALIZER water machine that you’re importing from Japan and why you feel this technology is the greatest health breakthrough of our time?
David:  The Japanese came to me because of my background in the health and sales fields, and they asked me to take this technology to the world for them.  They presented a machine to me that I could hook up to my faucet, turn on, and produce a gallon a minute of the strongest liquid antioxidant on the planet.  Understanding health, I said, “Wow, if I could keep drinking a liquid antioxidant all day long, I’d be pretty healthy.”
After my wife and I started drinking the water some positive things happened and that’s what turned me on and made me take a second look.  My wife used to have high blood pressure and was on medication for seven years, even though we were in the nutritional field.  Nothing could keep it down.  Without even knowing it, in a little over three weeks my wife’s blood pressure came down and the swelling in her feet was gone. The tingling in her hands stopped around four weeks.  Over a 12-week period, she started cutting her medication in half until she was off it completely.  When she went to the doctor 12 weeks later her blood pressure was 120 over 80 without medication. That was 10 years ago.  That was pretty exciting but still wasn’t enough for me to say ‘yes’ to the Japanese.
The next thing that happened is my wife went from a size 10 to a size 6.  She didn’t even change her diet. She also used to have allergy attacks all her life, spring and fall.  Her worst one was just before we got on the water; she cracked two ribs and displaced one from coughing and choking for almost six weeks.  After a month on the water we realized that she didn’t have any allergy attacks.  In the 10 years that have gone by she’s only had two minor ones, and they were gone in a day because her immune system was so strong. 
The next thing that turned me on and why I’m here today was because of the results of my research on alkalinity and the body.  Originally I didn’t know anything about alkalinity.  Even in the health field, I never heard anybody talk about alkalinity.  Nobody talked about acidosis or dehydration.  It’s all medication or nutrition -- one of the two.  We’re working on symptoms and bandaging up people’s bodies thinking we’re making a big difference in their lives, but all we’re doing is slowing down the inevitable.
Well, the end result is that I called Dr. Baroody.  He wrote the book “Alkalize or Die.”  I called him and said, “Dr. Baroody, have you ever heard of anything like this?”
He said, “No, I haven’t. I have well water.  I believe in distilled water. I don’t believe it will work.” 
I said “Good.  Here’s what I’ll do.  Since you’re Mr. Alkaline, I want you to test it on your body and on your patients.  If you will do that, I’ll send you a free machine.” 

He said he would do it so I sent him a machine.  That was October 5th; it will be 11 years ago now.  I didn’t hear from him until March the 15th, the following year.  He faxed me on a Sunday to my house and said: “You have something that could revolutionize the health industry.  Let me tell you why.  Unbeknownst to you I tested over 100 of my patients for the last four years and here are the results.  Not one or three or 5 percent like the medical industry would shout about, but 100 percent of my patients improved or got better.”  And he started naming them:  kidney, liver, heart, blood pressure, cholesterol.
Greg:  The numerous testimonials you heard back from practitioners around the country using the machine must have helped motivate you to take this water to the world, correct?

David:  Yes. I went to all kinds of practitioners as I was going across the country doing my seminars. Every single practitioner that I sold the machine to had positive results.  I always talk about the KISS method -- keep it simple -- and you’ll be a success. That’s what this is about. If my wife and I weren’t on this water, I’d be spending between $300 and $400 a month on our nutrition.  When we got on this water we started diminishing our supplements and found out we didn’t need all the supplements we were using.
We might spend $100 a month at the most on our nutrition.  Not only that, my wife and I, looking back, took the first eight years of everything we don’t use anymore since being on the water and we have saved over $40,000. That’s pretty good.  I don’t believe I’ve aged either and I just turned 68.  I’m going to be 70 and I can’t wait to be 90.  With the things I do, I don’t know very many 25 year olds that can keep up with me whether it’s the gym, the golf course, tennis court, getting up earlier, staying up later, learning faster, waking up with energy, going to bed with energy, etc…. 
We have something that helps people live younger longer and they don’t have to face up to all these diseases.  After all the tests and research that I’ve gone through for almost 11 years with practitioners across this country, including going back and forth to Japan, they say cancer, diabetes, arthritis, colds and flu have a very hard time developing in an alkaline body. Most germs thrive and breed in an acidic environment.
Greg:  Water is the foundation for all life.  Approximately 80 percent of the body is made up of water.  Consumers are spending lots of money on supplements and other measures while ignoring the foundation -- WATER. 

David:  I didn’t understand water at all before I got in this business.  That’s one reason I didn’t want to even do it. I heard about people drinking distilled water all the time in the health field. That’s what they all recommended. I didn’t even drink water before I learned of this machine.  I didn’t feel a need.  I was lucky to drink two glasses of water a week, not a day.  It was horrible. I was a popaholic or sodaholic. I just poured the stuff down.  Now I wouldn’t even think of pouring it down. It takes 32 glasses of  the alkaline water my machine produces to neutralize one soda. All soda is between 2.2 and 2.5 acid. Diet soda is even worse. Splenda is a derivative of chlorine, and they’re calling it great for our bodies. 

Water is very important, because like you said, we’re approximately 80 percent water. If we don’t get enough water in our body, we are in a dehydrated state.  When your mouth gets dry, you’re past dehydration. When we work out or do physical things, we actually lose a quart of water in 30 minutes so we naturally need to replenish that water. I drink 50 percent of my body weight in ounces every day. I have energy and life.  Dehydration can cause breakdown of our immune system. 

Greg:  What makes the ALKALIZER water different from all the other waters on the market?

David:  The difference is that it’s the ultimate of all waters.  First of all, all water comes in molecular structure.  When we look at the clusters of distilled water, tap water, spring, well, geyser water -- all of them are in a larger cluster form compared to water the ALKALIZER produces. Looking at a cluster of grapes would be an excellent analogy of what I’m referring to.  Most other waters have 12 to 14 clusters.  Water from the ALKALIZER has 4 to 6, which makes it wetter water.
Greg:  Does this mean that the smaller clustered water will penetrate the cell membrane more effectively and quickly, helping to hydrate the cells and flush out toxins?
David:  Yes. It can break the brain cell barriers and also the cellular barriers, feeding the cells and cleansing the cells.  It helps oxygenates the cells. The ALKALIZER, versus all other waters (i.e. distilled or RO), does things that other machines can’t.

First it goes through the filtering system that takes out 99 percent of the chlorine and some other contaminants.  Then it goes through the electrolyzing processes.  There’s actually a computer built in on this machine and the computer throws a negative charge on the water.  It also pulls all the positive minerals to the negative side, which are the alkaline minerals and pulls all the negative minerals to the positive side, which are the acidic minerals -- chlorine, fluoride, etc….  Those are the ones you shouldn’t be drinking.  All of them come right out of the water, out of a hose that goes into your sink.  And then the others come out a flex tube; calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, from their natural source. 

You say, “Well, I take a lot of calcium.  I take coral calcium.  I take magnesium and sodium.”  But they’re totally different.  These are from the natural source already still in the water, which the cells can recognize.
Greg:  When you say, “from their natural source,” I’m a little confused by that.  How does it take calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium and make them organic or bioavailable so they’re utilized by the body’s cells?
David:  The negative charge does that and makes it like it’s an organic mineral that the body can use and absorb right away.  This is why we get so many results with our water.  If it wasn’t working, we wouldn’t get the results.

I cannot make claims that our alkaline water can heal anything. What I can say is that this water can help your body conquer the three major causes of old age, sickness and disease:  Free Radical Damage, Dehydration and Acidosis.  This water is loaded with negative ions that act as scavengers to fight the free radicals, the antioxidant properties.  A glass of concentrated juice made with our water is like drinking 2 or 3 glasses of orange juice. 
The next thing is because this alkaline water is wetter -- smaller in size -- it hydrates like no other drink can.  The third thing is acidosis.   Most Americans have acidosis in the range of 5.4 to 5.8 pH.  According to everything I’ve learned you can’t even absorb vitamin C until you’re at 6.2 pH. 
Greg:  Most supplements, not just vitamin C, won’t be utilized or even digested properly by the body if it’s in an acidic state.  It won’t get into the cells, correct? 
David:  According to laboratory studies, unless the vitamin or mineral can be dissolved in 15 minutes or less, it’s not going to be assimilated into your body. The type of casing and filler in most supplements prohibits them from breaking down quickly.  Usually the less expensive ones have a thicker casing and filler, which can limit the body from using them. The good thing about my alkaline water, though, is that when people take their nutrition, they use half the amount and get twice as many results.
So somebody says, “Hey, this is going to cost me a lot of money to buy that machine” or something.  You can say, “If you only use half the nutrition and still get the same results, wouldn’t that be a savings itself?  It could pay for itself.”
Greg:  The question that I’ve had talking to people is they’re suspect hooking this machine up to city water because they’ve done a good job convincing us that city water is terrible. How do we know this machine takes out the chlorine, fluoride, etc. so we don’t have anything to worry about?
David:  Well, all those minerals are acidic, and they come out of the tube on the acidic side of the machine.  According to studies in Japan, when the water goes through the negative charge there isn’t any DNA that can live through it.
Greg:  Would it kill viruses, bacteria, and parasites that could be in water too?
David:  I don’t like the word kill, but from all the studies done in Japan for 50 years, it neutralizes them.  If it didn’t do that, Greg, in the amount of water I pour in my body, I wouldn’t be getting the results. I’d be sick. I haven’t had a sniffle in 10 1/2 years since I’ve been on this water. I travel with sick people, go into hospitals and meet with people; I’m on planes with them, and I don’t get sick. 

If you start drinking RO water or distilled water that everybody has been preaching about, which they claim is the purest water you can drink, it’s acidic. We     discovered that some of the distilled water and RO we tested in our plant was between 2.5 and 3 pH acidic.
Greg:  Wow. That’s almost as bad as soda.
David:  And guess what the manufacturer said?  “What in the world are you talking about, pH?” I said, “Parts hydrogen.”
They said, “Yeah, what does that have to do with drinking water and being healthy?” 

Isn’t that interesting? Acid leeches minerals out of your body and calcium out of your bones. The other thing I found out about distilled and RO water is that it is dead water. Go to your water municipality in any city and they’ll tell you RO and distilled water is dead water.  Why? There are no minerals in it. That’s why the city believes they have healthier water than the RO or distilled. 

Once we get the city water now it’s our job to take it and do something with it. We just pull all the bad stuff out and leave only the good stuff in. That’s what we can say.  I’ve sold all kinds of nutritional products over the years but I don’t know anybody that had a piece of nutrition of some sort that every soul that took it would find results in one day, two days or two weeks.

I can actually say you get me the healthiest person in the world, if you can find them, have them start drinking alkaline water from the ALKALIZER the way I tell them, and before 30 days is up, he or she will have to tell me something happened to them. If I gave them all the nutrition in the world, they wouldn’t be able to say that.  I’ve got the simplest way to bring the best health to people; and it tastes good and it feels good and they feel something -- in TWO GLASSES, TWO DAYS or TWO WEEKS!
We’ve been prescribed to death and chemicalized to death and it’s in both fields -- the nutritional field as well as the medical field.  What do they work on in the medical field? Symptoms! What do they work on in the nutritional field? Symptoms!

My cliché is, “The answer to every problem lies in the root of the problem itself.”  So you’ve got to go to the root.  Well, what’s the root?  What’s the foundation?    The most important thing with building is having the right foundation or the walls are going to come tumbling down.  You see the cracks in the wall; you’ve got to fill them with cement.  That’s what we’re doing, filling them with cement because our foundation is breaking down in our health.  But if you get the foundation right, wow.  And that’s water. The walls will not come tumbling down.
Greg:  Would it make more sense to take RO water and run it through the machine?

David:  No. It has no minerals in it, so we can’t use it. RO is great for your showers, great for your laundry and your dishes and things like that.  But it’s not for your drinking water. I tell people that have their systems from Culligan and RainSoft to turn off the RO underneath your sink, replace it with an ALKALIZER instead and you’re going to have the finest water you ever drank and your life will be changed.  No, you can’t use it with RO or distilled. How are you going to bring spring water in?  Are you going to have a generator?  Did you know that almost all of the spring waters are acidic also?
Greg:  I’ve done similar tests with bottled waters and came up with the same results.  If you’re putting more acid in your body what’s that going to do for the three things that you said are linked to virtually every disease -- free radicals, dehydration and acidosis?

David:  Make it worse.
Greg:  And if the acidic water isn’t going to hydrate your cells adequately it isn’t going to do anything for your health.
David:  No, it isn’t. People think they’re being hydrated when they’re drinking that water but they’re getting dehydrated. So you get your belly full of it and you think you’re hydrated.  You just got full instead of hydrated. The end result is that there are over 750 bottled waters on the market. Almost all the ones I keep testing are acidic.

Then there are all these sports drinks.  When you work out or play sports, you build lactic acid up in your muscles.  People say, “Wow, I get so sore and stiff.  That’s why I don’t like to go to the gym.”  I tell people if they’re drinking my alkaline water, they can be lean and mean with a smile on their face.  And why can they do that?  It’s very simple.

This water gets rid of acidic wastes, including lactic acid build-up from exercise. The harder you work out the more acidic you will become.  The only way the body can buffer that acid is to take calcium out of your bones.  This is why we have more sports injuries today and more osteoporosis.  In the last decade we’ve had more sports injuries than we had two decades before because they’re all pouring down Dasani, Aquafina, Gatorade, Penta, and all these other drinks that are acidic. They aren’t getting what        they need.
I found if people drink my alkaline water before, during or after exercise, they won’t be as sore or stiff and need less recovery time.  I just spent four days with my grown-up daughter.  We played golf, tennis, and other games morning, noon and night for four solid days and I don’t have one sore muscle and I’m going to be 70. 
Greg:  There’s an interesting story behind the invention of this water. You told me that the Russians came up with the technology and then the Japanese got a hold of it.  Tell us a little bit about that.
David:  When the Japanese told me the whole history on this, I was very excited.  But I also knew that if the drug companies, doctors or the medical field couldn’t make money on it, they would try and squash it.  Well, that happened in Russia.  Over 80 years ago a doctor invented this technology.  They actually locked him up for 25 years in jail.  They used it for their astronauts and they used it for their athletes and their upper echelon in Russia.  They beat us in the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s and early ‘70s with double and triple gold medals in everything.  They tested them for drugs and it wasn’t the drugs.  I believe it was because they were drinking alkalized energy water.  No, this water doesn’t give a surge of energy, but you just don’t run out of energy quickly.
About 50 years ago somebody got a hold of the technology in Japan.  Dr. Hitamitsu was a heart specialist and he and a couple of colleagues took 12 to 15 years to develop a little small machine that they started sharing with their colleagues across the country based on the technology.  The results became so fabulous that it hit the 11:00 o’clock news in Japan. They were saying that it’s miracle water.  Today, one out of almost four homes in Japan has something similar to this on the counter.  The ALKALIZER is now registered as a medical instrument in Japan. 

Greg:  Not only is the machine recognized by the Japanese government as a medical device, but it apparently won an award and was named the best electronic ionizer in the show, correct?
David:  Yes.  In the electronic industry of Japan the ALKALIZER won the top award for the finest ionizer.  That was roughly four years ago or right in there. In our stores we’ve been pumping out water by the gallons all day long for two and a half years with the same machines.  If I had any of the other alkaline water machines on the market I would not be able to do that.  I’d be replacing them over and over again. Why?  Because of the way they are made. I believe that the  ALKALIZER is the Rolls Royce of the industry. When I look at health one of my little clichés is “I’d rather spend a little bit more than I thought I should to make sure that I got what I thought I would.” 
Another benefit of this water, by the way, is that it helps your small and large intestines work so good that the colon doesn’t have to work as hard. It helps flush out your kidneys because it’s wetter water. This water also helps flush out your liver which is the filter of your body. Our bodies are also electric or we couldn’t get EKGs.  Everything has a frequency.  The frequency of the water produced by the ALKALIZER is similar to your pineal gland, which helps triggers your thymus to start producing hormones again.  That’s why we have some people off insulin and prescriptions.
No, this water isn’t everything.  You still need some nutrition, depending on your body. You still need to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and salads. You still need to exercise two or three times a week and you still need seven to nine hours of sleep.  You get all those and then figure out what little things you have left to get, wow, you’ve got it made.  You can keep living with energy and life.

Greg:  What’s the difference between some of the bottled alkaline waters on the market like Trinity, Fiji and Evermor and the water the ALKALIZER produces?

David:  The big difference is the ALKALIZER is restructured alkaline water.  It takes all of the acidic minerals out while those still have them in there.  Ours is a liquid antioxidant.  None of those are.  Ours is smaller in size and because of it, we have liquid restructured bioelectronically pure alkaline water.  Our machine is the one that makes it the most consistent all the time because of the special computer and it’s a commercial type machine that you can count on for 12 to 20 years without any problems.  This is why the ALKALIZER is the ultimate because it breaks the cellular barriers.  All the other alkaline ones aren’t breaking the cellular barrier.  It’s just regular water going through your body, being filtered out. 
Greg:  Most people are overloaded with toxins from what they’re eating, breathing, drinking, and bathing in and they’re not able to get the toxins out.  It seems obvious to me that if you have water that’s going to penetrate the cells better than any other water on the earth and hydrate the body, you’re going to flush a lot of these toxins out, don’t you agree? 
David:  This water cleanses your system every day.  That’s why  it’s so great.  I’ve had people test it.   That’s why you’re so energized.  When you haven’t been cleansed out, you’re tired and worn out.
I have a picture of a star that died.  He died at age 59.  They said he died of a heart attack.  I said to the people that I showed this to that he didn’t die of a heart attack.  He died of acidosis and dehydration.  How do I know?  Because they opened up his large intestine and guess what they found.  62 pounds of fecal matter, hard as rock, food he’d eaten years ago, stuck in there.  What happened? His body got so clogged up his heart quit working so they called it a heart attack.  It was acidosis and dehydration. 

I’ve seen the oldest person and the youngest person get a benefit, the healthiest person and the unhealthiest person.  Most people in two glasses, two days or two weeks have something happening to their body. I don’t know anything else that could do this.  This is living water and I’m excited about sharing it with you.
Greg:  In addition to the alkaline water the ALKALIZER produces, there’s another benefit that we haven’t discussed.  You also have the option of getting acidic water out of the machine.  I know we don’t want to drink the acidic water, but there is a benefit in cleaning pesticides and herbicides off your foods, for disinfecting meats, and using it for cosmetic purposes, correct?
David:  Oh, yeah.  In the grocery stores they have this little 6-ounce bottle of spray to spray on your produce before you eat them.  They charge $6.95 for that little 6 ounce bottle. This machine will produce a gallon a minute of neutralized acid water that will work better naturally than anything else you’ll come across.  You can use it for the outside of your body too.  You can brush your teeth with it; it cleans the plaque on your teeth.
My wife and I used to have bleeding gums.  After two or three weeks of using it I never had a bleeding gum and it has been ten years.  I have people with gingivitis that have reported that their gingivitis is healed.  I shave with it.  I haven’t used shaving cream in ten years now. All I do is splash my face with the acidic side and dip my razor in. It’s the best shave I’ve ever had.
My wife used to be in the skin care business and she had the finest astringents.  Well, this water is even finer than that.  You take your finest astringent, use it on your face and take a cotton ball with the acidic side and you’ll see more stuff coming out.  It actually makes your skin more taut and supple.  Wrinkles diminish, acne clears up, burns and wounds heal in half the time.  I can tell you burn cases are completely healed in three, four, five weeks that would have had to have skin care and everything done to them.  You can soak your hands and feet in the water. It helps with rashes and toenail fungus.
Let me tell you a story about the acidic side for diabetics. I had a man who went into the hospital to get his second leg cut off for diabetes.  His friend heard about my water just the day before.  He took three gallons to drink and one gallon to soak his foot in of the restructured acidic water. At the end of the first day he already had feelings in his foot.  Four and a half days later, he wheeled himself out of the hospital and wouldn’t let the doctor cut his leg off.  He said, “I’m going to live.” The doctor said, “You’re going to die.”
Three months later I was doing a seminar in Scottsdale, Arizona. At the end this guy came in and interrupted my meeting in his wheelchair.  He got to the front and said, “You saved my life.”  I still have chills right now.  He took his shoe off and showed he had a new foot.  It was healed completely.
Greg:  Does this water help control obesity?
David:  Yes.  This water, because it breaks the cellular barriers, feeds the cells and cleanses them, so the feeding of the cell makes the cell not as hungry.  You just aren’t as hungry all the time and if you’re not as hungry, you’re not going to eat as much.  That’s why this water can help obesity.

Over 300,000 people die each year from obesity in America. In the last ten years there has been a 60 percent increase of obesity in adults.  63 percent of us are overweight in the United States.  44 percent of Americans are obese.  20 percent of the kids are now obese.  What does it lead to?  It leads to more heart attacks, more diabetes and more cancer.  The first thing it leads to is diabetes, which then leads to heart or cancer problems.  We have to stop this somehow or other. Most people aren’t even following the fad diets anymore.  Why? Because they gave up just like they do on everything else.
Greg:  Your alkaline water helps speed up your metabolism too doesn’t it?
David:  Yes. When you get a lot of the toxins and wastes out of your body and you’re energizing your cells, your metabolism is going to kick up.  You’re not as tired on this water either so you don’t have to eat something or gouge down these drinks to give you energy.  They make you fatter.  I recommend that when you get up first thing in the morning; drink two bottles of our alkaline water, or a quart of the water, ice cold to trigger your metabolism. 

When your body’s pH changes from being acidic to slightly alkaline, it naturally speeds up your metabolism. The body’s metabolism generally slows down when the body is in an acidic state. I believe that getting the body back to a slightly alkaline state is going to be the leading area of weight loss in the future. 
Greg:  Well, for me, what I noticed is that I’m actually drinking more of the water and urinating less. I used to get up at least once during the night to go to the bathroom.  And I’m young and healthy. On this water I don’t get up in the night.
David:  You’re right. I used to get up two and three times a night because of my age.  Anybody over 50, they usually do that.  Well, guess what?  I was only getting up once a night an hour or so after I went to bed and that was it. 
There’s another benefit that I found with this water too. Getting back to the acid side, you wash your fruits and vegetables with it and it kills all those germs.  You can water your green plants with the acidic side and your flowering plants with the alkaline side.  You can wash your floors with it because it absorbs the dirt, your mirrors, your windows.  It just blows my mind the many facets of this one machine that could save your life and save you money like you never thought you could have.
Greg:  Oxygenated water is another big thing in the health field.  There’s a big story with oxygen too.  In fact, oxygen and water both play a major role in the health of the body. Some people have asked me, does this machine ozonate the water or oxygenate the water.  Is the alkaline water your machine produces oxygenated naturally because of the way it’s produced or is there a way to oxygenate the water to make it more effective or better?
David:  The water is oxygenated because of the process of the machine and the ionization process.  It oxygenates your cells. You can buy these water bottles -- I have some in our store – that claim they have 5,000 or 10,000 times more oxygen in them.  Well, guess what the EPA said?  The EPA is trying to stop all of the people that say they have oxygen in their water.  They claim that when you take the cap off it dissipates immediately almost. 

Greg:  Does it matter what the water source is that goes into the machine?
David:  No, as long as it’s not RO or distilled water the ALKALIZER  can create living water that is alkalized.  It even works with well water.  We’ve had a few problems with well water such as high TDS (total dissolved solids) and iron or sulfur in them.  But then when we find that out we just put a pre-filter underneath that will eliminate it, whatever it is, nitrogen or nitrates, whatever. We have similar filters that you can just hook up simply. 

Greg:  How does this water help lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the body?
David:  Well, once again, our body is so chemicalized. We’re eating an acid diet, drinking acid drinks, breathing an acid environment, and then we’re not taking care of ourselves on top of it.  Automatically, because our body is so out of balance from the fats that we drink and eat, the sugars that we take, etc., this is what causes high triglycerides.  I have found with the ALKALIZER that triglycerides just drop.  I had a couple that came to me from Indiana who didn’t tell me what was going on with their life.  They bought two machines, one for themselves and one for a partner. Three months later I get a telephone call.  The husband says, “Guess what?”
I said, “What?”
He said, “Well, we didn’t tell you, but my wife’s triglycerides were in the 900 range for the last five or six years, on medication. We didn’t want to tell you.  We just wanted to see what would happen.  And guess what happened? She went from 900 to 600 already in three months.”

Three months later he called me again.  “Guess what?  My wife’s down to 300.”  And then, “Guess what.”  Three months later, “My wife’s below 200.  And guess what else.”
I said, “What else happened?”

“Well, two of our people had diabetes.  One was going to get two toes cut off and the other a foot cut off.  We had them soaking in this water and guess what?  They didn’t lose their feet or their toes.”

Greg:  Let’s discuss pricing. The ALKALIZER sells for $1,195. I’m sure that when people hear about all the wonderful benefits this water can have on their health they will be very interested in trying it. Do you run into price resistance with customers?

David:  Sometimes. But how much are you paying for your health insurance? How much are you paying for the soda you’re drinking that you won’t be drinking and the medication you won’t be taking and all the supplements you won’t be taking?  It more than takes care of itself.  Almost everybody now is going into the grocery store and picking up two, three cases of water every week or is paying a local company a monthly fee to have bottled water delivered to their home or business. Just put that together and you’ll see that in a very short period of time this machine more than pays for itself and you’re covered with the best health you could ever have.
Once people start drinking this water they’ll be able to perform better, they’ll be able to think better, do more, not be as sick or have as many sick days off, all because of getting the right foundation in their body.
A replacement filter runs $99.  It will last anywhere from 2500 to 3500 gallons which will last a family of four 12 to 18 months.  We just recommend once a year you change it for good purposes, bacterial and so forth, even though it back washes. 

Greg:  Thank you for your time and all the enthusiasm you have, David. It’s a pleasure to be around someone so excited and high on life.

David:  It’s been my pleasure, Greg. 


 To order THE ALKALIZER or to receive more information. You can call and speak to our "alkalizer customer service representative" at 603-279-3341 or email us at

 Cost is $1495 plus $35 shipping.


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