Better Health Part 1
Better Health Part 1
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 Building Better Health

Part 1


                          by Jay Constant PHD

    For 20  years now I have been trying to write a book that approaches the whole natural healing concept from an average working persons understanding. No fancy words, no confusing mumbo jumbo, no crazy theories based on scientific data. This is for the regular guy who probably doesn't know a thing about how the body works and reacts, and the basic requirements to keep it working. I am not a medical doctor, a lawyer, or a pharmacist. I'm just a regular guy who owns a health food store in rural New Hampshire. For those who need a piece of paper, I am a Vietnam era veteran, I graduated from Florida Keys College in Key West in 1982, and continued to a degree in Naturopathy from Clayton College, and finally a PhD in nutrition. I am one of a handful certified NIRA iridologists in the US. However, I prefer to separate myself from any and all of that and write these articles based on 20 years experience  of  working with real people with real problems, Monday thru Friday (and occasionally Saturday) freely and openly at the health food store. The average person certainly needs some education, and educated person certainly needs some truthful education. Thatís what I will try to do. The biggest challenge begins with the mind, and our belief systems.

     If we can expand our belief system, then we can get our foot in the door, the door of truth. The door of truth is deliberately shut by around the age 2 or 3. We are all born highly intuitive, and free of guilt, envy, and fear. These are all learned behaviors imposed on us by the experts. I call them manipulations. They are designed to manipulate our behavior. The first and basic rule of natural healing, is only the body can fix itself. We've seen it dozens of times when we cut ourselves, bang ourselves, break a bone, or catch a cold. The bone is set by a doctor, but the bone itself actually does the repair. And also true, the cut may require stitches, but the skin makes new skin. We don't have to think about it or apply any extra effort. Its simply done. So true is everything else going on in the body. Itís all built in. If the body is producing symptoms such as aches or pains, then itís important to realize that its the body itself that is producing the symptom for a reason, a simple cause and effect. Work on the cause, and the effect will go away.  "Well how do we know what the cause is without testing" is the logical question. From the natural healing approach, we simply stick to the basics. If thereís pain, then something is going on. It could be trauma from an injury, it could be emotionally based, or it could be a simple deficiency. I am sure there are other causes, but in my own practice and experience, its almost always deficiency based. I know a lot of people who live with a lot of pain for a lot of years who get a lot of testing and have it called a lot of things and are prescribed a lot of things to treat the symptom. However, until we correct the cause, the body will keep on producing the symptom. The conventional approach of drugging it, burning it, or simply removing it never deals with the underlying cause, thus can only complicate matters. However, pain is a terrible thing and we do what we are told must be done.

     Thus we come to my first big question. Is your problem a medical problem, or is it a nutritional problem? We have been led to believe that everything is a medical problem, and there are laws and enforcement to prove that. Itís against the law for me to diagnose or treat any medical problem.                                                                                                          

    You have to see a licensed medical doctor. Many people have insurance that pays for this. Now, if youíre problem is truly a medical problem, such as life threatening, then doctors are truly gifted and will save you 90% of the time. The flip of the coin is if your problem is nutritional, they will never fix you as our doctors just aren't taught nutrition, nor do they have desire nor need to learn it. Statistics show we lead the world in cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and believe it or not, we're right up there in infant mortalities (whatís up with that and how is that possible?). Its getting more obvious that these are nutritional problems more than medical problems, but the laws in place keep things as they are. The education in place keeps things as they are. And the belief system in place keeps things as they are. The answer to my question should now be obvious. If you have a medical problem, nutrition isn't going to help. If you have a nutritional problem, then medicine isn't going to help. "Well how do we know the difference between the 2." For me, if I have a heart attack, am shot by a gun, hit by a car, fall off a roof, or for some other reason going to be dead tomorrow, then I consider that a medical problem. However, anything else going on I just assume is the body sending me a message that its either missing something or the signal to that area is blocked.

     This is the role of nutrition and natural healing. We have to educate ourselves "truthfully" as to the true chemistry of man, the body systems, the body parts, and how they all work together to keep us running as efficiently and defensively as possible. I stress the word "truthfully" as just about everything we think we know about the body and its needs are actually wrong. I'll say at least 50% is wrong, and 75% is misunderstood. When people come to see me, I tell everyone "if you don't do anything, nothing works, if you try, things may work, they may not work, but if you try and stick to it long enough, it always works as its the body doing the healing itself". Itís all built in. One of the biggest excuses I hear is its just old age. Well, how do you explain my mother who at 94 cracked her first bone ever, her elbow, and within 8 weeks it was totally healed? Her mind can rattle off phone numbers, and her vision stays around 20/20. Yes you can say good genes, but that kind of blows the old age theory. 94 is pretty old that few of us will get to see.


      So, as I begin my book through this series of weekly educational lessons designed for the average person, as well as the overly educated person, we'll cover the mind extensively because that is the biggest challenge. The seeds of fear are continually planted. Our journey in life keeps us constantly looking for what's wrong with us.  Death for me and you and even my 94 year old mother is inevitable. We in truth will most likely die of our weakest link, if allowed to do so. My attempt is to get off the subject of disease, and simply build better health which allows the body to run more efficiently and defensively, thus allowing us our God given right of a healthy and happy life. I ask every one to go back to 18 years old, and how did they feel then and what issues did they have. In the old days, this was somewhat much easier to answer. The kids today certainly have much different answers. For the most part, people were healthy and mostly pain free at 18. The first 7 lessons in this series will cover the systems approach to natural healing, and experience has taught me if I do a good job and explain it correctly, 9 out 10 people will get better from any health condition. Briefly, the systems approach all begin with the digestive system as numeral uno in priority. Then the elimination systems (bowels, urinary tract, lungs, and skin). The third system is the glandular system. The fourth system is the major organs the liver, heart, and pancreas. The fifth system is the muscles, skeletal, and electrical system. The sixth being the lymphatic and defensive systems, and the last system coming from the mind and emotional system. After this, my next lessons will be on the chemistry of man, which greatly differs from public opinion and medical opinion. Then, to conclude my book, I'll cover some simple but possibly confusing conditions such as constipation is usually a thyroid issue, emotional issues are an omega 3 deficiency, and arthritis is a simple sodium deficiency, type II diabetes is a man made disease from processed foods especially  wheat and lack of exercise. Give up all wheat, exercise for 1/2 hour per day, and add some omega 3 oils and see what happens. You be the judge yourself. It could save your feet, eyesight, and even your life. Worth it? For some yes, for others no. The basic requirement for natural healing is change. If you have a problem, something you've done has caused it. Its not about impossible diets or counting calories, its about simple chemistry and ones ability to change.

     Eventually, sooner than later I hope, I will have a question and answer page, for all to see and apply as needed. I was taught by some very brilliant people a long time ago that if you give people something for digestion, something for the bowels, something for stress, and some minerals, most will get better. I have seen it countless times. Then with some fine tuning, most problems will resolve themselves. If your a skeptic, don't waste your time nor mine. If you know more than me, don't waste your time nor mine. If you're on a bunch of meds, do what your doctor says. However, if your sick of being sick, tired of living in pain, going to be dead in 6 months (sounds awful but common) if you don't have a doctor nor insurance (more and more people all the time) then maybe these lessons will help. I predicted 10 years ago that diabetes would bankrupt Medicare and insurance companies. Hasn't happened..........yet.

 Next ........the digestive system.




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